Saturday, 29 July 2017

Sad Status Use For WhatsApp

Sad status is a common thing to update status on WhatsApp. It was very difficult to write a sad status for me but I spent a lot of time and written some quotes and phrases that can be use to update a deep sad status on WhatsApp. Infinite people are using WhatsApp and update status daily so I hope my quotes and phrases will use by a lot of people.

These quotes show a conversation between two people who had break up their love. One of them shows circumstances by sad quotes and phrases that people can't find word to use therefore I've made an easy way for that people. So read my all quotes and phrases then use it as your desire.


😴 The night's sleep is over since you left me.

🙎  Hi, What you feel about me, ask to your breath.

😶 Listen me! I stopped speaking. Whenever I try and I speak your name.

 🙋 I listened that you read books very much but can you like to read my heart?

✋ I often forget. It's my nature to remember you.

💘 My heartbeat get fast whenever you try to forget me.

😒 Tell me one thing, you don't have time for me. Actually you don't have time for yourself.

See more after some days!



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